Sibt E Haider feat Dr.Zeus, Fateh - Nai Jeena (Out Now)

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Envy Worldwide present Sibt E Haider Debut Album titled Nai Jeena - Music Dr.Zeus & Ali Mustafa - check out video here!

It is releasing worldwide by Envy Records, Hi-Tech Music, Speed Records & ARY Musik.


+2 #2 RE: Sibt E Haider feat Dr.Zeus, Fateh - Nai Jeena (Out 11th Dec)0000 2014-12-04 02:54
Everyone wants the zeus sound and its easy money for him but the quality aint there unless its a big artist
+1 #1 RE: Sibt E Haider feat Dr.Zeus, Fateh - Nai Jeena (Din Pyar De)316 2014-12-03 23:06
Actually getting bored of Zeus and his formula. Same templates on all his songs, stick a rapper on the song, use the same duff and dholki sample on the song change key, mix and release and get paid.. This is what is hurting the industry.. i recommend producers take their time and release good music not like RDB used to back in the day they rinsed it as i was a different era then when the public were younger and more into music, now its widely available to download for free so no one cares on what the songs are any more! The death of bhangra music is near as this watered down music will always be here. I have to give credit to AMX, Tru Skool, Notorious Jatt, Aman Hayer and so on for not releasing so much much! Quality not Quantity !!!

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