Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len De

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Kay V Singh is back once again alongside Epic Bhangra for the single 'Buk Len De' - The song is set to release soon on MIAA FM

Kay V Singh has been behind two singles already, including the hit 'Bullet' alongside Mickey Singh & Epic Bhangra. He most recently released his second single 'Rogi Ishq' which featured Fateh.

"After their astounding success with “Bullet” in 2014, music producer “Epic Bhangra” and vocalist “Kay V Singh” kick start 2015 with another exciting collaboration, this time with their brand new single entitled: “Buk Len De”.

2014 was an enormously successful year for both artists. Kay V Singh, a singer/songwriter based in Detroit, Michigan and behind the vocals and lyrics of “Bullet”, went onto enjoy commercial success in 2014. After releasing “Bullet” in April 2014, Kay V Singh showed his versatility by collaborating with rising star Fateh (“Lovely”, “Painkiller”) and New Jersey’s 2 NyCe for “Rogi Ishq”, which he released in October 2014.

The music producer behind “Bullet”, known to the world as Epic Bhangra based out of New York City, went onto enjoy huge commercial success as well with tracks like “Mukhada”, “Kashni Ji Akh” and “Duawan” featuring Late Kaka Bhaniawala, Gurkawal Sidhu and Kamal Singh, resp.

Upon speaking to Epic Bhangra about “Buk Len De”, he said: “This upcoming collaboration was very impromptu. Kay V casually sent me dummy vocals, to which I quickly added a beat and in a flash we had a “Bullet” follow up in the making. Things fell right into place.” He also added: “Kay V has a rare combination of talent and commitment, and that’s what made the experience of working with him very rewarding”.

A catchy hook-line and an incredible opening, with mesmerising composition pieces and smooth vocals will have listeners hooked on “Buk Len De” instantly. This is a fantastic way to kick-start 2015 and looks like another exciting year for Bhangra music from America." - Jusi Sahota


+6 #12 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len DeSantji 2015-01-27 21:41
While I like the song (and it's great to dance to), I was thinking that Epic's amazing production needs to be matched with equally professional vocalists -- Ranjit Mani, Labh Janjua, any of the old school UK bands (Talwar, Apna Sangeet, Safri), or anyone else really with proper vocal training. I think it'd be a great combination. I don't like the auto-tuner.
Tee singhh
-1 #11 What a fakeTee singhh 2015-01-25 09:44
Another one who uses voice enhancing machines to make himself sound good
Pathetic and crap
+6 #10 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len DeChatiMitraDi 2015-01-20 18:25
Leave it to North American artists to keep [censored] music alive. Pure dancefloor banger!
-1 #9 Chill pt 2NavK 2015-01-19 03:36
Also, poor lyrics? LOL makes stupid songs like Gunday number 1 popular. Atleast the lyrics are dope in this song. Haters.
-2 #8 ChillNavK 2015-01-19 03:35
Guys you need to chill. Clearly, he didn't rip Bindrakhia's lyrics. Yeah it is similar. The lyrics are amazing, I love the girl's lines. And for your kind info. EPIC is repeating his music, not Kay V.
-6 #7 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len Dedjjassib 2015-01-13 02:25
Mans recycling beats!
-6 #6 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len DeJonDoe 2015-01-12 20:56
Same beat as his last release - doing a Dr Zeus !!!!!
The Judge
+10 #5 ???The Judge 2015-01-12 17:17
I must say, all the time EPIC BHANGRA produces a banger song.. no doubt he is one of the best music producer in my list... BUT as always.... the music gets wasted by the poor lyrics of the song.... Kay V heard all Bindrakhias songs, composed this song... which has no head and tail... based on a compilation of the legends songs.... EPIC high time.. we wana hear u make a new versatile song with good lyrics.. and trust me.. u will make a history... again.. this song is a hit not coz of KAY V but only Epic Bhangra.
manu sara petha
+4 #4 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len De (Out Soon)manu sara petha 2015-01-09 22:47
How you gonna take bindrakhias lyrics and try to make your own... Song? With it
+6 #3 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len De (Out Soon)soniax 2015-01-09 13:27
Sick track love Epic stuff
DJ Akhil
+7 #2 RE: Kay V Singh ft Epic Bhangra - Buk Len De (Out Soon)DJ Akhil 2014-12-22 16:35
is there a promo I can listen to?
Preet K
-4 #1 :DPreet K 2014-12-03 00:43
Kay V Singh is awesome! I am so excited for another hit!

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