Dalwinder Ibrahimpuri ft. Maple - Ranjha (DMP) - Naina Chon (Out Now)

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Sydney's very own Radio DJ's and Music Producers - Maple And Ranjha Are out with their new single Titled "Naina Chon". The DUO live. breathe, sleep Desi Music-Hence, they formed the group - DMP, short for Desi Music Productions.

The track is an sweet song that carries a strong Urban sound to it, while still incorporating music elements from Punjab. It is guaranteed to be a Hit over the upcoming wedding season and beyond.

The vocals are sung by Sydney Based "Dalwinder Ibrahimpuri", who is also featuring on the forthcoming DMP Album.

The Song has been described as the new Sound of Australasian Desi Music (Yaar Anmulle Records). With mandolin instrumentation and a smooth Beat incorporating synth!

Song:- Naina Chon (TIPSY EYES)
Singer:- Dalwinder Ibrahimpuri

Music:- Maple - Ranjha (DMP) | Australia
Lyrics:- Pardeep Raj Gill
Video:- Manav Sangha


0 #2 RE: Dalwinder Ibrahimpuri ft. Maple - Ranjha (DMP) - Naina Chon (Out Soon)XFactor 2014-11-20 11:12
Sounds decent.
0 #1 RE: Dalwinder Ibrahimpuri ft. DMP - Naina Chon (Out Soon)2True 2014-11-20 02:23
Ive heard of these Boys before, they have been in the Australian scene for a while now. its about time some good producers stepped up from Australia.

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