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Maninder Kailey - Sari Umar (Out Now)

Maninder Kailey is back with his third single 'Sari Umar' produced by Arrow Sounds. 'Sari Umar' is out now on Speed Records.

Born and bred in Ludhiana, Punjab, lyricist turned singer Maninder Kailey returns with his third single entitled 'Sari Umar'. Kailey, best known for his deep and meaningful lyrics, rose to fame with his lyrics for 'Notorious Jatt', which featured the vocals of Prabh Gill. 'Notorious Jatt' became an international hit for both Kailey as a lyricist and for Prabh Gill as a singer, giving them both the recognition and exposure they needed.

Kailey began his lyrical journey in 2009 when he wrote his first song 'Tere Bina' in just an hour but at that time he didn't take his talent seriously. Kailey then began writing and singing his own songs for college functions, it was then that Kailey met Prabh Gill and they both set off on their musical journey together.

Kailey and Gill decided that they would release a song on YouTube every so often to get themselves out there, they soon created strong fan base for themselves. 'Tere Bina' was sung by Prabh Gill and uploaded onto YouTube and Facebook, overnight listeners fell in love Prabh's romantic, soulful voice and Kailey's heart touching lyrics. Since 2009, Kailey has written numerous hits for Prabh Gill including 'Pehli Vaar' from the album 'Red' by Pav Dharia, 'Zindagi' from Punjabi movie 'Ishq Brandy' and most recently 'Jeen Di Gal' by PropheC featuring Prabh Gill and 'Pyar Da Assar' from Punjabi movie 'Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo'.

Maninder Kailey decided to experiment and released his debut track as a singer 'Emotions' in 2013, produced by Desi Routz. To his surprise, audiences worldwide received 'Emotions' very well. After the great response to 'Emotions' and realising that audiences wanted to hear more from him, Kailey released his second single entitled 'Aa Zra', again produced by Desi Routz. 'Aa Zra' went on to receive more love than 'Emotions' and that's when Kailey realised he had put himself on the map and created a strong fan base for himself through his songs not only as a lyricist but also as a singer.

Maninder Kailey is now ready to release his third track as a singer, 'Sari Umar', which has been produced by Arrow Sounds, debutant producer from Delhi. Kailey's soulful voice and heart touching lyrics infused with modern beats by Arrow Sounds will definitely appeal to audiences worldwide. Kailey has decided to 'experiment' with his third video; the video will be released as a lyrical video, which has been put together by Punjabi Virus from Chandigarh.

'Sari Umar' is out now on Speed Records and is available to download from iTunes.

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