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Nasif ft GV - I Need A Girl (Out Now)

October 2nd will see the release of the debut single by Punjabi rapper Nasif with 'I Need A Girl' – set to release worldwide via all leading digital outlets!

Born and raised in the German city of Frankfurt, Nasif grew up in a tough inner-city environment, with the possibility of trouble only being a step in the wrong direction away. As a South-Asian growing up in Frankfurt, it was always difficult for Nasif and he constantly found himself in trouble with the law.

It was these constant altercations with the law that led Nasif to music. Initially, starting to write lyrics and relay his thoughts via pen onto paper, Nasif found a way to express himself without getting himself in trouble.

Nasif found himself moving to the UK in 2007, as he found his love for music slowly taking over his life. As he began to write, the urge to make music would soon become obsessive, and led him to meet UK Producer GV, via a common friend, Punjabi superstar Garry Sandhu.

Keen to pursue his unique take on Punjabi rap, GV and Nasif set about to work on his debut single. In this time, Nasif was approached by The Dark MC to feature on the single 'I'm a King' (The New Generation). However it was the musical fusion between GV and Nasif that spawned 'I Need A Girl'.

Twitter: @Official_Nasif