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Wizzy Wiz ft Jelly Manjitpuri - Hath Pallah (Out Now)

Organized Rhyme present 'Hath Pallah' by Wizzy Wiz feat Jelly Manjitpuri! Out now worldwide

Having released four singles this year, 2014 has been the busiest year for Organised Rhyme, a label that is creating a buzz in the Asian Music Industry.

Launching Mehi and releasing three singles with world famous Northern Lights has made everyone sit up and take notice when this young record label announces a new release.

The fifth single on the 2014 roster sees them launch another new talent who was showcased by BBC Asian Network in 2005 on the Adil Ray Show.

Born in the UK, Classically trained in India and graduated in London with a Music Degree. It's no wonder Organised Rhyme are excited about launching this new talented producer.

Wizzy Wiz has been signed to the label for the past three years, developing his sound and getting ready to become a house hold name as one of the most exciting new Producers in the Asian Music Industry.

Having spent time learning from members of the team, he has already been responsible for releasing Official Remixes of two Northern Lights singles "The Ladies Anthem" "Mr & Mrs" and Mehis first single "Pyar Diyan Gallan".

His First Single is a vibrant dancefloor anthem called "Hath Pallah" and features the vocals and lyrics of world famous Jelly Manjitpuri, responsible for writing some of the biggest songs in the Asian music industry.

This is just the start of what will be a very exciting journey as Wizzy Wiz starts to showcase his talent to the world.