Fused Naked Beats - Witness Of The World

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Asif and Martti, the dynamic duo who represent Fusing Naked Beats, and West London’s hottest producers are back with their third album ‘Witness of the World’ released on their label ‘Just Play Records’

Fusing Naked Beats, have a unique versatile style which is slowly evolving the contemporary Asian scene into an altogether more urban, edgy soundscape with a new direction.


The new album features some very special guest artists including General Levy, Shahin Badar, Mehi, Sandhya Sanjana, Houria, Unnati, Turi, Mic Assassin and many more.  Witness of the World has a unique electronic landscape which blends many diverse elements into one cohesive and unifying experience. From eastern electronica to uplifting global house, reggae, Arabic and Indian beats fused with hip-hop, D&B rhythms and funky dance baselines.


The album will be available to buy from and to download from I-Tunes.


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