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2 Da Point - Desi Vibes

The Sound Pipe Records is set to Release the Highly Anticipated Album of the year "2 Da Point" by Desi Vibes out June 2007.
The Sound Pipe Records presents Ish and Kam, the dynamic and talented duo better known as DESI VIBES. Desi Vibes are set to create havoc this summer with their highly anticipated and most talked about debut album ‘2 Da Point’, which is guaranteed to introduce the skills of these young producers.
Hailing from East London, Desi Vibes started out making a name for themselves on the live DJ circuit. Not content with spinning and mixing the roughest tracks, they naturally progressed to producing their own tracks working closely with some of the biggest artists in the industry such as Sukshinder Shinda and DJ Vix.



For the last year they have worked extremely hard on producing material for ‘2 Da Point’ which gets straight to the heart of thumping beats and heavy baselines compelling the audience to just get up and dance.
The album is a mixture of traditional Punjabi Folk, Bhangra, Hip-Hop and Reggaeton.
Particularly, the dancehall anthem ‘Baba Veh’ is set to takeover the Bhangra scene as the track of 2007. Its simple hypnotic beats coupled with raw Punjabi Folk melodies features the vocals of the multi-talented BEE2 and Rashi.
Watch out for the accompanying music video playing on all major music channels. ‘2 Da Point’ gets straight to the point of delivering Urban beats to the masses and Desi Vibes will certainly make their mark with the massive track ‘Baba Veh’, releasing very soon on The Sound Pipe Records.
The track listing for "2 Da Point" is:
1. Dil Vala (Jivan Mann)
2. Baba Veh (Bee2 & Rashi)
3. Whiskey (Sarbjeet Shota)
4. Fra Mehnu Hee Heelium (JayV)
5. Gani (Gagndeep Pawal)
6. Sounds of the Ish (Ish & Kam)
7. Nishani (Jeeta Jatt)
8. Chadkeh (Amar Arshi)
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