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Jiggapree ft Daman Mahal - Joban (Out Now)

'Joban' is the single by Jiggapree ft Daman Mahal! The song, produced by Jiggapree & sung by Daman Mahal is from the album 'Sabton Vakhra Apna Gana' (SVAG).

The video for 'Joban' is set to hit airways in early September on Sohi productions!

Daman has persevered with his musical journey and also released several singles including "Yaari" and "Sajna ve" two singles songs done with musical master Kam Frantic through Force Records ... .and has continued to make huge impact on the Panjabi Bhangra scene in UK, India and internationally around the globe.

Daman has now complemented his recording career with stage performance, establishing himself as a mature and experienced singer giving live performances across the world including Germany, Italy, Denmark and Sweden and several other countries.

Daman is now launching brand new single ''Joban'' produced by Jiggapree with Sohi productions . The song is written by Binda Johal.