Inside Man - Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda (Out Now)

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After the success of 'Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di' the Inside-Man now brings to you his second official single titled: Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda from his Panjabi Folk/Bhangra album called 'Mind Over Matter'. Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda is out via all major digital stores.

Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda was originally produced by K.S. Narula and is written by Gurnam Singh Gami and is sung by the legendary vocalists Mohd. Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur.

In this rendition of Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda, the Inside-Man has recreated a vibrant cover version that will get the old and new generation dancing away on the dance floors and he has chosen to use Bakshi Billa to sing 'Mohd Sadiq's' lyrics and is introducing a new female vocalist called Gurinder Naaz to sing 'Ranjit Kaur's' lyrics.

The Inside-Man would like to thank all the musicians involved in this musical project.

Vocals: Bakshi Billa & Gurinder Naaz

Lyrics: Gurnam Singh Gami

Tabla/Dholki & Dhol: Bhupinder Tubsy

Sarangi: Jagroop Singh Budhanwalia

Mandolin: Balwinder Balu

Algojey: Pied Piper

Tumbi: Inside-Man

Electric & Bass Guitar: David Amar

Flute: Ashwani Kumar

Video & Artwork: Juggy Singh - J.S.G Films


Panjabi Fan
+1 #4 Inside Man - Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda (Out 28th August)Panjabi Fan 2014-09-10 12:52
Just heard this song now wow what an underrated song never actually realised this song was out and I am surprised why this song isn't being blasted out anywhere. Good effort from the producer Inside Man and Bakshi Billa sounds unreal and the new lady Gurinder Naaz sounds top as well, nice to know that the producer is bringing out new talent with popular talent.
DJ Hot
+1 #3 Inside Man - Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda (Out 28th August)DJ Hot 2014-08-28 00:18
Nice work good products mast geet hai ji
Jatt Balle
+1 #2 Inside Man - Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda (Out 28th August)Jatt Balle 2014-08-28 00:15
Fantastic song and probably the best I have ever heard Bakshi Billa sing and Gurinder Naaz sounds really nice possibly the next best singer that could rise for the females.

Good work Inside Man absolutely quality song
Sadiq Fan
+1 #1 Inside Man - Sohlvi 'Ch Deor Parhda (Out 28th August)Sadiq Fan 2014-08-23 01:16
I wasn't too sure about this song at first as I had the impression that why is someone covering such a masterpiece for, but I must admit from the promo video I think this song sounds brilliant and I must give credit where its due, Inside Man has done an excellent job from what I can hear and if anything has complimented the original and pure class from the cover to the credits to the music! Well done and keep them coming :)

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