Atif Khan ft. Tigerstyle - Haseen Ho Gei (Out Now)

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Soldier Sound Recordings proudly present Mirpuri/Punjabi singer/songwriter Atif Khan's debut single Haseen Ho Gei, produced by world reknowned music producers Tigerstyle.

Haseen Ho Gei is the debut single from Dundee based singer/songwriter Atif Khan, an effective musical fusion of Bhangra and EDM, with a Punjabi / Mirpuri lyrical twist.


-2 #2 RE: Atif Khan ft. Tigerstyle - Haseen Ho Gei (Out 7th Aug)TractorBro 2014-08-07 15:44
Prefer their bhangra stuff but this sounds alright
+4 #1 RE: Atif Khan ft. Tigerstyle - Haseen Ho Gei (Out 7th Aug)MonsterBeats 2014-08-05 10:46
Tigerstyle are trying to do a different sound to Bhangra. Its clearly not working as Sakina failed, Kaur B songs was shit. [censored]ed up Raj Brars song! Can not believe artists are paying them to produce their songs.The brothers may be talented musically but what are they smoking as this shit is starting to sound like pots and pans from the 90's!
Change your game tigerstyle and go back to what was real! Bhangra not electric shit!

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