Punjabi Munday - Thumka

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Ladoo Records Proudly Introduces the Very First Punjabi Band of Pakistan "Punjabi Munday" consists of three great vocalist Sam, Sheku & GuGu. They are one of the countries top Pakistani Vocalists, and with a weekly Live performances around the country, whilst also working on new tracks for country's many top artists, they are in high demand.

Sam - At the tender age of 8 studied Pakistani classical music with Ustad A.W Neelam Sahib, grew up singing in his Local Church and, in school, excelled in the choirs and performing as tabla nawaz. Sam is influenced by the malkit singh, yamla Jatt and Gurdass Mann.The love for music was concealed in me ever since he was a child. Being a Christian, he took music as a sacred thing and worship it. But with the passage of time, this exquisite taste for music got invigorated and enhanced manifold.

- Short from Shafiq is 24 and have been in media for 8 years. A diligent person who has struggled a lot in life and would keep on doing that in future because he look at life with a positive approach which is a crucial ingredient in attaining success of any kind!

Gugu - Azhar Butt, Actor turned Singer has many other talents as producer. He has produced all his new album which is out soon called thumka.

Albums consists of 13 tracks including advert and is releasing world wide on different labels, in UK on Ladoo records.

Release date - 28th  july. Video will be out on all Channels shortly

Track Listing:

1.  Nachna Nachna

2.  Gidhey Vich

3.  Punjabi Dhol

4.  Gal Sun

5.  Thumka

6.  Zindagi

7.  Kajla

8.  Chardi Juwani

9.  College

10. Akhiyan Milake

11. Aar De Rahe

12. Tu Takya (Bonus)

13. Advert


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