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Dipps Bhamrah - Electro Mahi (Out Now)

The heat of the summer brings a firing new audio adventure from the 'Captain of Bhangra' Dipps Bhamrah as his remarkable year of music making continues. July 2014 sees the release of track number 7 in the #EmbraceTheMadness project, a brand new track every single month, with Dipps Bhamrah unleashing the sounds of Desi EDM with 'Electro Mahi'.

Bringing together the vocals of the rather mysterious Some Lady, Dipps Bhamrah dives into the sounds of Electronic Dance Music and fuses it with Punjabi & Arabic vibes. Written by Bhangra legend and father K.S.Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet), the 'Twerking Jugni' team brings you solid beats pumping bass lines and a catchy hook line.

Dipps Bhamrah says; 'A year of being a consistent music maker has had many twists and turns for me. My styles have varied and having decided to #EmbraceTheMadness in 2014, iv wanted to do something that has been largely an untapped music ... Desi EDM. I love experimenting with Punjabi vocals and I don't really react well to being told that I should only be making a certain type of music. Music is a personal expression and i'm now very excited to unleash to world Desi EDM.'

Dipps Bhamrah Brings Future Sounds Now With 'Electro Mahi'