San2 - Gal Sunja (Out Now)

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Award winning multi-genre singer/songwriter San2 following his debut single 'Nayo Lagda' gets ready to release his next single titled 'Gal Sunja', check out the promo here!

Read his Exclusive Interview here

'UK singer-songwriter San2 exploded onto the music scene with his smash-hit debut single 'Nayo Lagda' reaching number one on numerous charts and entering radio playlists across the globe.

Now he's back with an earth shaking dance-floor filler in the form of 'Gal Sunja'. There has been huge anticipation for this track which featured on the beginning of the video to 'Nayo Lagda'. Written and composed again by Deedar SIngh and with music by the internationally acclaimed producer 'Shayal', Gal Sunja has 'hit' written all over it!

San2 plays a number of different roles in the tongue-in-cheek video which accompanies Gal Sunja. Once again, the services of the multi-talented Ameet Chana were employed to produce and direct the video in conjunction with Simy Art Enterprise and Flying Solo Productions.

San2 appears in the video wearing some amazing designer outfits created specially for the shoot by Ziggy Studio.

'Gal Sunja' releases on Thursday 14th August 2014 on the Virtual Recordz label via iTunes and other digital stores.


0 #9 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)Niggajatt 2014-08-14 09:03
Need some real bhangra ...allow this crap, need JK n [censored] back but aint worried bout nothin becoz soon [censored] will once again save this crippling industry
Mr tee
-4 #8 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)Mr tee 2014-08-13 09:14
It's amazing how people can judge on the basis of music on the promo, and not the vocals...person ally he has a decent voice, unlike some other singers out there...mainly the The uk based ones...
Some can't even pronounce words, this guy to also mention, he has a good background to his music, some singers can't even say they have that.
Most are wannabes
Me tee
+6 #7 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)Me tee 2014-08-12 22:37
san2 bee2 ... i might aswell as well call my self tee2 ...
rubbish song
+3 #6 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)RudeboiR 2014-08-12 18:31
I wonder if they are gonna buy youtube hits for this song like they did on his previous video.
+3 #5 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)GoatRiderNumber2 2014-08-12 16:46
This sucks! No song in the teaser and this dude looks gay with his make up done like that.
Goat Rider
+3 #4 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)Goat Rider 2014-08-12 03:58
Seriously, why even bother releasing a teaser to your songs if you're not going to even feature singing? Common sense seems to be eluding a lot of these record-lables
-9 #3 RE: San2 - Gal Sunja (Out 14th Aug)wow 2014-08-11 20:35
Cant wait for this, xx
manu sara petha
-3 #2 RE: San2 gets ready for Gal Sunjamanu sara petha 2014-08-11 20:18
Seriously this is rubbish, too commercial now!
-9 #1 RE: San2 gets ready for Gal Sunjarams 2014-07-31 12:43
Wow looking forward to this. He is raw talent and only few around like him.

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