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Surinder Rattan - Lick 2


The much-anticipated sequel to ‘The Lick’ is out now Worldwide.  The album is available in all Asian record stores. This is only the Second Album offering from Surinder Rattan so rightly called the lick 2.
Surinder Rattan


Hailing from the streets of Manchester, Surinder Rattan first came to the attention of many when he released the influential ‘The Lick’ and delivered the ground-shaking tracks ‘Tappe ’ and ‘Pyar Tu Nibhana.’ Surinder also had success with ‘From the Mind EP’ in 2002, with his track entitled ‘Kala Kala Munda’ Feat the return of Cheshire Cat becoming the track for the year. Since then he has been busy spending a considerable amount of time and effort on various projects for artists belgoing to the Moviebox camp and various mainstream projects for Warner music and Universal.
‘Tappe’ from ‘The Lick’ was and still is widely regarded as a pioneering track. It started a mass new wave of interest for thousands if not millions of people into this genre of music in the year 1999, And started a worldwide music craze in blending together the unique sounds of Bhangra and Two Step Garage. Surinder's ‘The Lick’ launched Metz as the first Asian two-step Garage MC on a Bhangra release and gave a break and debut for the famous RDB brothers. Surinder Rattan is said to be one of the best producers around supporting classical training from his Ustads  ‘Babbar & Javed Niazi Khan’ sons of Ustad Tufail Niazi Khan the prominent Punjabi/Pakistani folk legend.

The Lick 2 - The album features 11 tracks covering nearly all genres of urban/indian music. This album is said not to be a ‘traditional Bhangra album’.
The album features a whole list of established and upcoming artists including:  Ragga Hip Hop artist  Roach Killa from Toronto, Shin ( dcs ) & New Rnb Singer D Fernandez and many others
- Track listings-  

1) Akh Largai Feat Shin (dcs) & Roachkilla
2) Soni Lag de Yeh Feat Tariq Khan ( legacy )
3) Boli Feat Joga   
4) Down Tonight Feat D Fernandez
5) Soniye Feat Sukhdev Darapuria Feat Bugsy (Woodsmen)
6) The Blues Live on The Mic Mr S & St Hill (Woodsmen)
7) Munde Patley Soniye Feat Surjit Sagar
8) Tappe Feat Joga
9) The Grime Chamber - Live 2005
10) Munde Patley Soniye ( Dark 'n'Desi Refix)
11) Khalla Khalla Munda Feat Labh Junjua  ( West Coast Mix )
The lick 2 promises to be another chart topper


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