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Dipps Bhamrah ft. Mani Maan - Hot Girl (Out Now)


The musical mission of Dipps Bhamrah continues as his 4th single of the year is set for release. 'Hot Girl' is the next record in the #EmbraceTheMadness project and features the vocals of a Punjab newcomer Mani Maan.

At the start of 2014 Dipps Bhamrah decided he was going to make music in his own way and on his own terms. Video or no video, Bhangra or Urban, standard or experimental, Dipps has gone a unique route in todays market in how to release music.

So far 2014 has seen him release 'Twerking Jugni' with K.S.Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet), 'Sachi Muchi' with Surinder Laddi and 'That Duet' with Surinder Shinda & Gurlej Akhtar. 

April sees Dipps Bhamrah bring forward another promising vocal talent in Mani Maan from Punjab in the track 'Hot Girl'. A descriptive song about a girl waiting for her love to meet her while she stands lost and alone under the scorching heat of Punjab.