Amar Sajaalpuri - Roohan De Haani (Out Now)

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'Roohan De Haani' is the brand new Album by Amar Sajaalpuri produced by Muzical Doctorz and is out on Moviebox Records


+5 #3 brilliant follow upbhangrahead1 2014-08-23 10:22
all the negative comments just show the state of the punjabi audience - you want more utter Honey style tripe? This kid is talented - his lyrics are his own and has a decent voice - give him a chance and he is bound to shine possibly he should work with other music directors. Just hear his words to Lanka by A-Kay to see his credibility. Only -ve for me was the need to have Bling in jidan jidan - not needed at all. Plus as a final insult all the decent new talent market themselves for the India market now - bigger audience and £'s so we UK/US etc are small fish for them anyway
0 #2 whack!USJatt 2014-08-21 16:16
All the music for the songs sound the same -_-
-6 #1 Not impressed at all!Jusss 2014-08-21 00:15
This is not good at all red alert was on some nex level shitt. Iraada was 2 good
This albums songs r all about luv or some depressing shitt like wtf. Music could hav been better as wel.

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