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Immortal Productions present "Jujharu Khalsa" (Out Now)


Immortal Productions present "Jujharu Khalsa" the 12th album in the Shaheedi series to mark the 30th anniversary of 1984 - out now on itunes - listen to promos here!

This album is tribute to the countless brave Sikhs that stood up for justice and freedom and gave the ultimate sacrifice of martyrdom. This is a tribute to the Jujharoo Khalsa, the freedom fighting saint soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The Jujharoo Khalsa is not gone, the dharam yudh given to the Khalsa by our Guru lasts beyond life itself. In this respect we pay homage to the Singhs and Singhnia out there right now continuing the struggle for justice. We pray that Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji gives them the strength to continue their struggle and get justice, be that in the courts or otherwise.

As part of this DOUBLE album we present the Miri / Sant side. This contains 5 beautiful tracks of Vaheguru Simran and Mool Mantar.

Meditating on Vaheguru (i.e. doing Simran) and lovingly reciting the Mool Mantar are the very core foundations of Sikhi. It was through mediation on Vaheguru's name that our great martyrs were able to fight legions of Mughals, Afghans, British and Indian soldiers. It's by meditating on Vaheguru's name with every breath that they were able fight with their heads on their hands and be chopped limb from limb but never abandon their Sikhi.

The album will be available worldwide at Vaisakhi celebrations & digitally online from 10th April.

Those lucky enough to be attending Southall Nagar Kirtan on 6th April will have the chance to get your hands on the album first!


Acappella Jatha
Ajit Singh
Ali Abaas
Dev Dhillon
Dhadi Manjinder Singh Shergill
Gupsy Aujla
Gurbhej Brar
GurSevak Jatha
H Jheeta
Happy D
Immortal Productions
Jelly Manjitpuri
Junior Mann
Malkit Bulla
Kaos Productions
LS Lucky
Parvyn Singh Kaur
Pavitar Singh Pasla
Prabh Gill
Sarangi Master Jatinder Singh Shergill
Sulakhan Singh Dhadi Jatha
Twin Beats
plus more...

Samples up online soon.

Thank you for supporting this non-profit / Seva project for the past 12 years. Please share & support!

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