Mukthar Sahota - Unpredictable (Now Released)

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( Album Now Released) 

Internalmusic UK presents their forthcoming album….


‘Unpredictable’ by ‘Mukhtar Sahota featuring Lakhwinder Wadali’

After the release and success of the album ‘21st Century Jugni’ by ‘Mukhtar Sahota and Arif Lohar’, ‘Internalmusic UK’ presents their 2nd release, an album that is a combination of the unique style from Mukhtar Sahota and Lakhwinder Wadali’s vocals, culminating into an ‘innovative musical feast’.

The album contains 12 tracks of musical excellence, where the Music has been Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mukhtar Sahota at his studios in the UK.
Lakhwinder Wadali, from Amritsar, India, is the son of Puran Chand Wadali, from the legendary duo known as the ‘Wadali Brothers’.  The Wadali brothers are world renowned Punjabi singers and hugely known for their ‘Sufi’ and ‘Qawali’ singing.  Having received vocal training from his father, Lakhwinder’s vocal ability ranges from Classical, to Folk and traditional songs.
Mukhtar has also produced a ‘Contemporary Qawali’, for the album which has been sung by both father and son, Puran and Lakhwinder Wadali.

The first video from the album is for the track, ‘Electro Fused Ranjha’, which has been Directed by Internalmusic and Edited by Mukhtar Sahota himself, and the video was Filmed and Managed by ‘Bindi Sandhu’ from ‘Best of Both Worlds’.

‘Unpredictable’ is an album for true music lovers…….     


- Track Listing -

01 - Jogia
02 - Gal Tha Bandhi
03 - Jaan
04 - Nishani
05 - Mahiya
06 - Electro Fused Ranjha
07 - Gabroo
08 - Sach Siyane
09 - Charka feat Puran Chand Wadali 
10 - Ajaa
11 - Mahiya (Old Skool Dub)
12 - Charka (Club Mix)



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