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Manraj Khaira ft Manny Khaira - Pind Toh (Out Now)


MK Recordz proudly presents to you, the original, vibrant, young musical talent, Manraj Khaira! An enthusiastic, upcoming Music Producer/Musician born and raised within the West Midlands - watch the video here!

Manraj's energetic inquisitiveness towards the music industry was influenced by the melodic surroundings of Punjabi music and instruments at home, whilst

growing up. Moreover, his keen interest started at the age of five, where he discovered a rhythmic essence when learning to play the keyboard. At the age of 12, Manraj began learning the artistry of music production and developed his aptitude of playing other instruments, particularly those connected to our Punjabi culture.

Furthermore, Manraj Khaira accumulated his skills and knowledge from the support of Manny Khaira, helping him find his originality. Interpreting these gained skills and understanding of music, Manraj has recently devoted his spare time to working on the production of 'Pind Toh,' featuring the vocals of Manny Khaira. A debut single bound to conquer all dance floors and flourish the desirable talents of Manraj Khaira! As roaming suspense builds up with many waiting.

Manraj Khaira's determination continues to shine through his interminable learning of music and progression in his career.