GIN & REES ft Jagdev & Miss Pooja - Jeeja Saali (Out Now)

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Once again GIN & REES are back with their smashing bhangra song JEEJA SAALI featuring the late Jagdev Jammu & the vocally talented Miss Pooja.

Gin & Rees are back again with a real traditional banger of a track. 'Jeeja Saali' is a folk duet song that brings to life the traditionally Punjabi banter which occurs between the sometimes inebriated 'Jeeja' and his new 'Saali' (sister-in-law). There are usually great moments at weddings when there are 'stand-offs' between the two as the Jeeja continuously annoys the Saali.

Gin & Rees have expertly encapsulated this cultural aspect of a Punjabi wedding and portrayed it in a video shot in a Boxing ring! The highly comical video shows Gin & Rees coaching the Jeeja and the Saali for their verbal stand-off in the ring.

Employing the fantastic vocals of Miss Pooja and the late Jagdev Jammu, Jeeja Saali is as traditional as it gets.