Dipps Bhamrah ft Surinder Laddi - Sachi Muchi (Out Now)

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Following on from the success of 'Twerking Jugni' Dipps Bhamrah's unique journey of 1 track every month in 2014 continues with his February release 'Sachi Muchi'.

In one of the most innovative Bhangra projects in history, #EmbraceTheMadness has got off to a phenomenal start with 'Twerking Jugni' with its urban musical style and video production. Dipps has featured on Radio playlists around the world from BBC Radio 1 to stations in North America, Africa and the Far East.

With his second track Dipps Bhamrah brings you a romantic desi song featuring Punjabi vocalist Surinder Laddi and legendary writer Shamsher Sandhu. 'Sachi Muchi' is a love song, inspired by classic Punjabi Hai Ni Mera Balam by Shamshad Begam, with a relaxed Bhangra vibe.

Dipps says 'This month I just wanted to make a track that is great listen rather than thinking about the dance floor or being different. I heard this song in Surinder Laddi's voice a few years ago and i loved it. So i asked him to sing it for me and I've given it my chilled out Bhangra style...a personal favorite of mine.'

2 tracks down 10 to go, the radio host, international DJ and all round 'Mr Entertainment' that is Dipps Bhamrah continues to brings music fans more from his crazy mindset.

'Sachi Muchi' Dipps Bhamrah ft Surinder Laddi Out Now!


some next bhanda
+1 #2 RE: Dipps Bhamrah ft Surinder Laddi - Sachi Muchi (Out Now)some next bhanda 2014-04-25 14:15
Modern Mundah
+12 #1 Do you think its fair?Modern Mundah 2014-03-02 17:33
Do you think its fair Dipps is abusing his position at the BBC by getting his own songs played on the station which is turn is giving him PRS payments? He's making a lot of money out of his job...I firmly believe Radio Show hosts should not be allowed to become music producers as its a conflict of interest.....

BTW - Boring song what took longer counting the cash paid to jeeti or o[censored]ing this logic template..

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