Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Now)

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'Bicep' is the brand new single by Raju Dinehwala set to release soon worldwide via Speed Records.

"Watch the promo below!

Bicep By Raju Dinehwala releases on Thursday 27th March worldwide on Speed Records. The Track contains the vocals of Raju Dinehwala off the back of his recent successful music projects Jatt Di Dushmani, Hoopeh 2 and Kabaddi.

The track Bicep is written by Amrit Mangwalia and music is by the leading Indian Producers Desi-Crew Music.

The track also will follow with a video shot by highly acclaimed video directors Rimpy Prince.

Raju Dinehwala has forged a good following in India in the past 2 years and now this latest track is set to appeal to the majority of the Youth in Punjab who are inspired by Rajus Gym Foccussed tracks.

Speed Records Directors Dinesh Auluck Added "Raju has recently gained a good fanbase in Punjab therefore we are very happy with the responses to his music and we have more projects in the pipeline with Raju Dinehwala".

The track will be available Worldwide on all leading digital stores.


-1 #10 RajuTaverna 2014-03-21 23:51
His voice is soo crap that he honestly believes he is a superstar, his awful dress sense, his awful T-Shirts. At least Benny Dhaliwal can sing, he has style and is worldwide superstar. His songs are super hits. Raju is trying his best to compete with him but can get now where by singing pathetic songs.
0 #9 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)Clive 2014-03-11 21:44
Whatever you think of his singing, the album UK 2 Punjab sounded good thanks to Popsy's music. Kabadi was disappointing as a follow up because Aman Hayer's music was so predictable. But with [censored] Crew supporting his Bicep, things can only improve. Speed Records: Please release this through more than just i-Tunes.
+1 #8 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)Realist. 2014-03-03 14:57
Quoting Goat Rider:
I think in order to sing about Biceps, one must have a properly developed bicep.

Not really; he built like a powerlifter not a bodybuilder so based on his physique he's qualified enough to sing about biceps (eventhough its a stupid and cheesy song title-and he cant really sing and his punjabi pronunciation is wack!)
Goat Rider
+6 #7 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)Goat Rider 2014-03-02 20:52
I think in order to sing about Biceps, one must have a properly developed bicep.
+3 #6 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)Aneela 2014-03-02 20:45
are you being serious? you call a "bicep", that is an absolute joke!
-3 #5 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)chinajatt 2014-03-02 18:54
thevideo is wrong is the other song he did a while ago which is a nice song about kabadi
+3 #4 LOLCritique 2014-03-02 17:21
Agree with others, this guy has never been a talented singer. It seems like in the / BD Ent camp have limited knowledge of music. Benny Dhaliwal should be back in prison because of his horse fetish and Raju Dinehwala needs to stop trying to be the new/old KS Makhan.
+1 #3 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)0000 2014-03-02 16:48
Dj Suman
+3 #2 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)Dj Suman 2014-03-02 16:34
OMG pass on this lol
+3 #1 RE: Raju Dinehwala - Bicep (Out Soon)GADDE UTE MR SINGH 2014-02-26 11:34
whats the next track called TUTTEH !!!!!. hOW PATHETIC, SWEATY MALE SONGS LOL

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