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Time Productions present Uppy ft. Dalvir Mall - Gabaru Punjabi (Out Now)


'Gabaru Punjabi' is the debut single by Uppy featuring Dalvir Mall. The single is out now on Time Productions - check out promo here!

The lyrics for 'Gabaru Punjabi' have been provided by the late great Karan MC, who sadly passed away during the making of this song. The single is set to make it's mark on Punjabi folk music in 2014!

Having established himself as a successful & talented percussionist, Uppy is an accomplished musician, which has led him to travel across the UK & abroad. The song 'Gabaru Punjabi' has been co-produced by Uppy alongside Sharni of Time Productions. The song is set to release under the ever growing Time Productions record label.

Once work began on the single, Uppy called upon Dalvir Mall, a hugely talented upcoming Punjabi vocalist who is set to make his mark with 'Gabaru Punjabi'. Dalvir's vocals fuse perfectly with the powerful music laid down by Uppy.

Set to release in February 2014, 'Gabaru Punjabi' by Uppy ft Dalvir on Time Productions!