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Free Download: Gurvinder Singh - Teri Ayi (Out Now)

"Teri Ayi" is a new single which is out for Free Download in time for Valentine’s Day! The track is sung by newcomer Manpreet Chera with lyrics by Jehri Phagwara and music produced by Gurvinder Singh.

The vocalist Manpreet Chera was born and raised in Punjab, studying under the esteemed tutelage of the great Sabar Koti for nearly a decade. Now aged 24 he is ready to sweeten the world with his silky smooth vocals.

The music has been provided by Gurvinder Singh who is currently putting the finishing touches to his own album “The Cure”. Set to release in Q3 of 2014, the album features an array of singers including Meet Malkit, Tanvir Gogi, Jaswant Heera and Pappi Gill. These popular vocalists have been used many a time, but not in the avenues and styles Gurvinder Singh will illustrate them in. As they say, anyone can hold a paintbrush, but only a handful knows how to create a masterpiece.

Gurvinder’s previous singles have received critical acclaim and featured continuous airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra. This release can be best described as a bite size treat to wet your appetite.

When prompted for an insight into "Teri Ayi", Gurvinder Singh suggested that “it is a romantic song which is perfect for everyone, those who are falling in love or have loved for many years. “Teri Ayi” combines traditional instruments with contemporary synth sounds. It is sure to get your hearts pounding”.