Gin & Rees ft Jagdev Jammu - Dil Di Rani (Out Now)

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'Dil Di Rani' is the album by Gin & Rees ft the late Jagdev Jammu - out now via RNC Records!

Gin & Rees continue their tribute to the late Jagdev Jammu who tragically lost his life in a car accident last year.

The brothers had been working with Jagdev for some time and previously released the hit song 'Dil Aj Nachan Nuh' and more recently 'Soniyeh' featuring Jagdev's vocals.

The brothers had been working on Jagdev's debut album when on the 1st October 2013, he sadly sustained fatal injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Gin & Rees felt it was only right to complete the album and release it in honour of the truly talented singer. The new single 'Dil Di Rani' is released just in time for Valentine's Day and is taken from the album of the same name.

Always remembered and never forgotten.

R.I.P JAGDEV JAMMU (1976 - 2013)

'Dil Di Rani' releases on 6th Feb 2014 on the RNC Records label and is available NOW to pre-order.



+1 #4 Dil Di Rani - a classic in the makingClive 2014-02-13 22:21
Jagdev Jammu and Gin & Rees - a match made in heaven. This album just gets better with every listen
Dj Goivx
+1 #3 RE: Gin & Rees ft Jagdev Jammu - Dil Di Rani (Out Now)Dj Goivx 2014-02-09 21:31
RIP another really good singer gone too soon
0 #2 RE: Gin & Rees ft Jagdev Jammu - Dil Di Rani (Out 6th February)jassi. 2014-02-09 16:22
Awesome track, RIP x
jelly & ice cream
+2 #1 RE: Gin & Rees ft Jagdev Jammu - Dil Di Rani (Out 6th February)jelly & ice cream 2014-01-30 17:46
sad news about their singing dying, i didnt know that

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