Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan - Kawan Part 2 (Out Now)

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Bikram Singh releases part 2 to his iconic single 'Kawan' - The song, which first came out in 2005 - Check out the promo below!

Back in 2005, after months of underground oblivion, Tigerstyle resurfaced and introduced a fresh new talent to the UK Bhangra community, New York - Punjabi singer/songwriter Bikram Singh. The album titled American Jugni produced by Tigerstyle was the best-selling album in the UK that year and the track Kawan, which also featured vocal talents of Gunjan (a well established female Hindi/Punjabi singer) was named by BBC radio as the track of the year.

Bikram having penned the romantic couplets to the original song himself, laid the vocals while recording the album with Tigerstyle in Scotland, some months later, having collaborated with Gunjan on some other recordings Tigerstyle invited Gunjan to record on Kawan, the song was completed and after release became a timeless classic.

So why revamp this timeless classic? Collectively we all felt this song never really got the justice it deserved, as budgets were limited at the time we put the album together and Bikram being a new artist, the label didn't have enough confidence in the project to shoot a separate video for the song, so it just appeared as part of a medley video. For years Bikram and Gunjan have been performing the song around the world, and the amount of love the song has received is a real inspiration for us all as artists to continue making good music. This time with the revamped song, Bikram has really put his heart and soul into making sure the song is well highlighted with a good music video. - Pops, Tigerstyle.

Single Title: Kawan 2

Artist: Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan

Music: Tigerstyle

Lyrics: Savvy Dhillon & Bikram Singh

Label: Soldier Sound Recordings

Director: Kevin Lopez

Release Date: April 3, 2014


Tee Singhh
0 #12 Can't you take truth rdTee Singhh 2014-04-28 08:31
So rd
You want all of us to agree with you and say what you want us to say, well that's not going to hap[censored] fella
We come on this forum to share views if you cannot digest them maybe you should leave the forum and people will make negatives so get over it you woos

Tee Singh
I still stick to my comments. Pure shit
Ranvir Dhaliwal
-1 #11 Really?Ranvir Dhaliwal 2014-04-27 17:25
You guys are hating on this song? That is laughable to me. The track is doing well, people are loving the song. Criticizing this song only makes you look dumb. lol. Find something productive to do with your time.
- RD
Tee Singhh
-1 #10 Really shitTee Singhh 2014-04-20 19:07
I've heard the full track and I have to say again with average singers this is truly awful, and not even worthy to be in top ten.
The female singer is brilliant, as for bikram. Not at all a decent singer, please try another career maybe a doctor for sore throats
Tee Singhh
+5 #9 RE: Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)Rajj 2014-03-30 09:11
When there is nothing new going in your favour and your career takes a slump you decide one day o lets re-hash the song that made me and get people talking again. Well there is nothing new to the song but should be titled a remix because that is it. Nothing new.
-4 #8 RE: Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)vikz 2014-03-29 15:59
Heard the song on sound cloud. it was high quality song so its hard to judge fairly.
It's not a bad song, can't top the original though.
Bikram Jr
-4 #7 Kawan 2Bikram Jr 2014-03-25 13:32
the song is out on sound cloud
+2 #6 RE: Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)kushh 2014-03-24 05:16
rather listen to gunjan in the promo than bikram.
+2 #5 RE: Bikram Singh Feat. Gunjan - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)chinajatt 2014-03-21 13:48
not bad its only a promo and its good promo it shows some of the song unlike others let hear the song before we make out judgements
truth hurts
+2 #4 RE: Bikram Singh - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)truth hurts 2014-03-21 13:42
Amen to that Tigerstyle production is getting lame. Earlier stuff was so good. Latest stuff sounds run of the mill.
-2 #3 RE: Bikram Singh - Kawan Part 2 (Out 3rd April)vikz 2014-03-20 19:06
promo sounds pretty good
+15 #2 RE: Bikram Singh's Kawan Part 2Fatehh 2014-01-08 02:15
Looks like after their recent flops Tigerstyle and Bikram singh have run out of ideas
-2 #1 RE: Bikram Singh's Kawan Part 2GN 2014-01-07 23:26
It's going to be hard to out-do or even match a track like Kawan, looking forward to this one!

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