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Navnith Lal - Intazaar (Out Now)

E3AU Records are proud to present the brand new single by Melbourne based act Navnith Lal titled ‘Intazaar’. The single is set to release 14th November on all leading digital outlets.

Navnith Lal is a classically trained singer & musician who has been learning from the tender age of eight years old. Under the guidance of the great Deepika Shome, Navnith was able to hone his naturally gifted talents.

The single ‘Intazaar’ once again showcases the undeniable singing talents of the Melbourne based singer, Navnith Lal’s classically trained voice intelligently simulates the diverse emotions that are displayed in the story. 'Intazaar' has been produced by Anthony Hicks and lyics written by Navin Lal.

‘Intazaar’ is a song based on a true love story, highlighting the extreme complexities in the distance suffered between loved ones. A soulful song, which delivers a message that, transcends musical genres & languages.

Intazaar has been supported by a high quality video, giving the song a powerful visual backdrop directed by Joshua Hoareau.

‘Intazaar’ by Navnith Lal is set to release 14th November on E3AU Records via all leading digital outlets.