Hami Beatz ft Jaswant Nagina - Glassy (Out Now)

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Hami Beatz is back with his brand new Bhangra track titled ‘Glassy‘ featuring the vocals of Jaswant Nagina. Lyrics for the single are by Tari Banwalipuria while the video is directed by Mussab Shah.

Hami Beatz is an upcoming Music Producer/Rapper who has released his solo debut single “Glassy” on 24th October 2013. Originally from Manchester he moved to London in 2000, in 2005 he set up his own studio known as London Rd Studios in the heart of Hounslow.

Since then he has been producing music and natured many artist on their road to success. He has worked on tracks featuring many big names in the Bhangra industry such as Lember Husainpuri, Kaka Bhaniawala, Jeevan Maan to name but a few. His debut single features the vocals of Nagina from Panjab, a track written by Tari Banwalipuria.

Hami has also worked alongside UK mainstream artists such as Rymez who had a UK number 1 single in 2012 with Wiley (Heatwave). He has also worked on projects with Tinie Tempah, Fem Fel and Mobo awards winning Gospel singer Rachel Kerr and many more.

He originally started his music career alongside Kazman Producer and together were known as the music duo KaZ n Hami who had a string of releases including their debut track “Tu Rendeh” featuring UK Bhangra Artist Gurinder Seaga. Along with Kazman he worked on the Sonna Rele remix track “Bring on the Rain”.

Hami has many upcoming tracks ready to release this year and has some big named collaboration’s in the pipeline so the solo journey begins!


+1 #3 RE: Hami Beatz ft Jaswant Nagina - Glassy (Out Now)NavSINGH91 2013-11-16 04:45
Love It :) Top Tune!!!!!!!! 10/10
+2 #2 RE: Hami Beatz ft Jaswant Nagina - Glassy (Out Now)jassyboy 2013-11-09 07:15
What A Tune!!! Friday Feeling For Party With The Boys!!!!!! LOVE IT!! GLASSY CHAK LE YAARA!!! ON REPEAT!!! HEAVEY PRODUCTION HEAVEY DHOL!!!
+10 #1 RE: Hami Beatz ft Jaswant Nagina - Glassy (Out Now)natashakhan 2013-10-27 02:19
last night the DJ at my friends wedding was blasting this track and the guys were going crazy dancing to this, stuck in my head since! and i dont drink but still it makes me want to get up and dance, LOVE IT, The gora in the video knows how to enjoy himself more than the other [censored] guys lol go go simplybhangra top tune! Glassy Chak Leh Yarah! :)

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