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Milind Gaba - A Warning to Delhi 1984 (Out Now)

Dharam Seva Records return with their latest release “A Warning to Delhi 1984” By Milind Gaba set to release 17th October via iTunes.

This project was undertaken to raise awareness on a issue which has not been addressed for nearly 30 years. 
Justice for the atrocities in 1984 is still nowhere to be seen and Milind Gaba’s latest track is sure to send shudders down viewers spines.

Milind Gaba who is himself of a Hindu background has done this track in support of his fellow Sikh brothers and sisters.

Dharam Seva Records wanted to showcase all humanity is one and this is not a Hindu/Sikh Difference but its down to Speaking up for those families who lost everything.  Many Hindus worldwide condemn the attacks on the Sikhs and support the Sikhs in seeking justice.

Milind Gaba has bravely took on a project where he speaks out for his fellow Sikhs and the injustices they face since 1984.

Kaka Mohanwalia From Dharam Seva Records Explains to more about this release.

“Firstly thanks to Simply Bhangra for helping us highlight this issue with a new angle via music and the media.  Milind Gaba is a great talent from Dehli himself and this project is something very close to our heart.

Milind Gaba has just been recording in Mumbai for Mika Singh and hes very highly rated in the India music industry.  So his pull in terms of awareness will hit a new audience and that’s what our aim was with this release.

We hope this track can help those who have been left to feel they have no voice and we want them to see that there are people who will stand up for them in this kaljug ridden world.  Big thanks to OffStage Productions for their excellent work in this.
Vahe-Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahe- Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

A Warning To Dehli 1984 Releases Worldwide on Dharam Seva Records on Thursday October 17th.  All proceeds are non-profit and Dharam Seva is a Registered Charity.