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Anita Lerche - Merea Ranjha (Out Now)

“Merea Ranjha” is showcasing a new side of Anita’s versatile talent that her fans may not have experienced yet. This song is a touching ballad laced with Punjabi folk all brought to life, watch video here!


Taking to Anita about “Merea Ranjha”, she quotes "This week my new single "Merea Ranjha" was released and the response have been amazing so far, with vast coverage in the media and a lot of upcoming interviews for both print and TV.

"Merea Ranjha" is the 3rd video song & single from my new album "Sadke Punjab Ton", which will be released in November. This song has been on it's way since 2009, where I wrote and composed it on a beautiful full moon night, where I was longing for my Ranjha. It was later recorded and produced in Denmark by the renowned Nasima Music, who was able to make my story come to live". All the creative work for the video was made together with Film Director Harjit and his son Param Shiv, who directed it and shot it in Himachal Pradesh.

I loved working with Film Director Harjit & Lyricist Dr. Tejinder Harjit on my new songs "Sadke Punjab Ton" and "Sammi". They have guided me and taught me so much about Punjabi culture and have enriched my knowledge about Punjabi culture immensely. I am deeply grateful to senior producer of Doordarshan Agiapal Singh Randhawa, who introduced me to them.

Right now I am on a big Promotion Tour in Punjab and I have a couple of big shows coming up in Denmark which I will reveal soon. After the release of "Sadke Punjab Ton" has been completed, then I have plans about recording some devotional songs - including Bhajans and Shabads. And also there will be a Punjabi film directed by Filmmaker Harjit Singh coming out about the life of Bhagat Puran Singh - the founder of Pingalwara in Amritsar, where I am singing a new children's song called "Kanna Manna Kurrrr" with lyrics by Dr. Tejinder Harjit.

I have also sung and composed the title song "I will meet you yet again" for the Docufilm called "Imroz" about the painter Imroz, who spend most of his life with famous Punjabi writer Amrita Pritam. This is also a project of Film Director Harjit. Most of all I am excited about going on a world tour in 2014, where I can meet all my fans, who have been so supportive from the very beginning of my career in Punjab - and also it is my aim to promote and share the rich Punjabi music and culture even more to the west."

There is no denying that Denmark native Anita Lerche has embodied and furthered Punjabi culture through her music. Her forthcoming album Sadke Punjab Ton does highlight her appreciation and growing knowledge of Punjabi culture, but Anita let’s her classical music training shine in her new single “Merea Ranjha.”

“Merea Ranjha” is showcasing a new side of Anita’s versatile talent that her fans may not have experienced yet. This song is a touching ballad laced with Punjabi folk all brought to life with a love story written by Anita herself. In fact, this is the first song Anita has also composed and brought to the spotlight with a music video.

“Heer Ranjha, by Waris Shah, has inspired me a lot throughout the years and on a full moon night a few years ago, I suddenly felt this profound desire and was longing more than ever to be united with my Ranjha. ‘Merea Ranjha’ came to life at this moment and later my composition and lyrics were beautifully produced in Denmark by the well renowned Nasima Music,” Anita Lerche explains giving us a glimpse into the story of “Merea Ranjha.”

Anita keeps the richness of Punjab at the forefront of this music video as she traveled to India and shot this video in Himachal Pradesh with Director Param Shiv, who is working at Yash Raj Films.

If Anita looks like she is in love in this video, it’s only the truth as this artist is newly engaged! Anita was proposed to by her own Danish prince in New York City, where the couple recently traveled. Anita and her Ranjha first met in high school and then later found each other on Facebook. This Ranjha knew Anita was his Heer and asked Anita’s parents and family in Punjab for her hand in marriage before popping the question.

When a lover's soul pines for the soulmate, its call becomes a song where music and love become the universal language. Join Anita on her journey to find her Ranjha in a rural landscape that will take your breath away.