Sehmby ft Sat Singh - Yaari (Out Now)

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'Yaari' is the brand new single by duo Sehmby feat Sat Singh! The single is out via iTunes & all other leading digital outlets!

Harpreet Singh Sehmby now known by Sehmby, is a new comer in the industry, aged 20 years old and this is his first ever release. The single features Sat Singh titled Yaari.

Sehmby quotes, "I started of remixing tracks and was known by the name of DJ Harpz and uploaded a few mixes on Soundcloud and Youtube but I choose to change that to just Sehmby now, as there are too many Harpz’s and wanted to be different.

I’m from a place called Medway, which is in Kent. I chose my first release to be with Sat Singh because we are good friends and we used to DJ together at many events/functions around the country as we was part of the same team, then he went into singing and I got busy else where working what you would call a normal job.

I've been into music since as long as I can remember and have been wanting to enter the music industry for a while but just kept putting it off due to time and confidence in my self. Now I feel confident and motivated to release tracks as my close friends and family including Sat Singh have been really supportive and constructive at music samples I have shown them I believe I am ready to show the world and let them enjoy what I enjoy.