Desi Dark Child - Jogiya (Out Now)

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Desi Dark Child records are serious when it comes to different styles and proud to announce the release of the single “JOGIA” that is set for release on 17th October 2013.

Single will be on iTunes and other major digital distributors worldwide. The single will also be available in India as ringtone on Air-tel and many other networks.

Desi Dark Child:

“I am very honoured once again to share my music with the world by introducing another young talented singer known as “MEENU SINGH” that has natural talent and under the guidance of Amardeep Singh Gill who has been responsible for coaching singer Such as “RANI RANDEEP” has once again dedicated his time with launching Meenu Singh. It gives me pleasure to have been working with such a young talented singer with a versatile style that also complements a nice listening voice that shows power when required and I can assure you all that this is one of many tracks I will be releasing with such a humble singer”.

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