Desi Dark Child - Badla (Out Now)

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Desi Dark Child records present “BADLA” ft Harbhajan Heer. Out on the 15th August 2013 the day when India regained its independence over the British rule. The song will be released on iTunes and other major digital distributors worldwide.

The single will be available on Air-Tel network so that all music fans that do not have access to iTunes can capture the DDC music on your personal phone’s with many other previous releases that are currently been added onto the network by DDC Records.

DDC Statement

“I am still in shock for the amount of love you guys have shown me for the last releases and to be honest I am still getting a lot of good feed back worldwide, but as I cannot please everyone in this world i will keep trying. So if I haven’t got back to you in anyway please take this as my response to you. With so much encouragement and your kind feed back makes it all worthwhile to do more so no matter who you are there is room for everyone. For me its time to let the music bleed in your ears and out your speakers so now I’d like to share my 2nd release of this month introducing another new singer “Harbhajan Heer” (India) who has put his unique motion into this song. So guys I hope you enjoy the “BADLA” track. I thank all my crew and genuine music web sites, radio & TV media who support all artists equally”.

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