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DJ Raj ft Pritam - Tere Bin (Out Now)

DJ Raj is no new name to the UK Bhangra music scene. With hits like ‘Jago’ and ‘Nachdi’ under his belt, DJ Raj has definitely made his mark and has excelled through natural progression. Having started DJ’ing from the tender age of 14, DJ Raj has always had an interest in producing his own songs and has dreamt of having his own album.

Officially known as the UK’s youngest professional mainstream wedding and club DJ, DJ Raj is an integral part of world renowned Calibar Roadshow and has performed alongside some of the biggest names in UK Bhangra like Sukshinder Shinda, Jazzy B and JK.

Having released one of the biggest pre-wedding anthems of 2013, ‘Jago’ featuring the dynamite vocals of Bakshi Billa and Sudesh Kumari, and one of the biggest dance floor anthems ‘Nachdi’, DJ Raj is now ready to unleash his 3rd single ‘Tere Bin’. Introducing vocalist Pritam, DJ Raj met Pritam in 2010 while in India where the pair teamed up and created ‘Tere Bin’.

‘Tere Bin’ is very special for both DJ Raj and Pritam hence many mixes have been created