Tigerstyle feat. Jaspinder Narula - Dhi Punjab Di (Out Now)

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Formula for a true anthem in the making, and any Punjabi Girl’s favourite, “Dhi Punjab Di” (meaning: Daughter of Punjab) is the follow up single taken from Tigerstyle genre defining Digi-Bhang album.


01 Dhi Punjab Di GB7HE1300409

02 Dhi Punjab Di (Instrumental) GB7HE1300429

03 Dhi Punjab Di (Pinju Remix) GB7HE1300439

04 Dhi Punjab Di (Nuphlo Remix) GB7HE1300449

05 Dhi Punjab Di (mps Pilot Remix) GB7HE1300459

06 Dhi Punjab Di (Dj.Lo.Fi.R Remix) GB7HE1300469

07 Dhi Punjab Di (Hanuman Tribe Remix) GB7HE1300479

Think gaudy, sparkling outfit draped bodies, whirling through the beautiful fields of the Punjab, intoxicated on plenty of thumping beats, grooving bass, ecstatic snare builds and vibrant synth patterns.

Support for this release from:

“Tigerstyle are one of the most inspiring music outfits out there. As a DJ & Producer I always find that their tunes have just the right amount of Electronica & groove that can move the crowd, while their sounds & melodies move their soul. Their new tune Dhi Punjab Di is amazing and will surely be spinned all over Tel-Aviv & Israel by me & any other DJ who knows whats good!” – Ido ‘Weedo’ Saar, (Tel Aviv) Israel

“Dhi Punjab Di does justice to the powerful vocals legendary Jaspinder Narula. The production itself is Energetic Electro blended with raw Desi folk elements which reminded me of the EPIC previous Tigerstyle album "VIRSA". I have to call this an introduction of a new generation of Bhangra” – DJ Sarj, (Wolverhampton) UK

“Tigerstyle brings true folk back to life with Dhi Punjab di. Electro beat makes you want to fist pump while doing giddha!” – Kuldeep MixSingh, (Montreal) Canada

“Dhi Punjab Di is made for women who want to break out of the Giddha circle. Only Tigerstyle could add enough Bass to match the power of Jaspinder Narula's vocals. Modern, but still firmly rooted in the fields of the Punjab.” – Sari-Clad Speakers, UK

"In a league of their own, only Tigerstyle can manage to balance out beautiful vocals with cutting edge dance floor bangers. Gifted production, crossing the musical genre divide. A true ear to the ground coupled with the passionate desire to bring communities together. True artists at work." - DJ Jimmy Love - Non Stop Bhangra (San Francisco), USA


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Great song.

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