DJ JD ft Manjeet Pappu - Moorni (Out Now)

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After making some noise in the UK Bhangra scene with his debut track ‘Kaun Nachdi’, DJ JD returns with his second single ‘Moorni’, featuring the dynamite vocals of Manjeet Pappu. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Job Done’, DJ JD makes the wise choice of releasing another dance floor anthem!

Having received a great response for his debut single ‘Kaun Nachdi’ which was a duet track featuring two of Punjab’s diamonds Lehmber Hussainpuri and Manjeet Pappu, DJ JD is now ready to present to the world his next offering.

Speaking about the track, DJ JD describes the track as an “upbeat, happy track, which has a party vibe to it and has lyrics that are easy to remember”. The track will definitely be played at weddings and parties worldwide.

Talking about having the pleasure of working with Manjeet Pappu again on his second track, DJ JD says, “working with Manjeet Pappu was my dream, he has inspired me from a very young age with his powerful and unique vocals.”

JD goes on to say, “I still remember going to India for the video shoot and working the whole night to the early hours in the morning to complete the video of ‘Moorni’ – we really enjoyed working together”.

This is just the start for DJ JD, watch out for ‘Moorni’ the second single taken from his forthcoming album ‘Job Done’.


0 #2 Realist. 2013-09-01 09:33
After PMC's Morni track did so well suddenly theres a surge of morni tracks...had this occured in another genre of music there would have been a bit of commotion, the bhangra industry on the other hand lets it about lack of originality
0 #1 rajj 2013-08-31 19:05
Such a RIP-OFF off DJ VIX track Pranda

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