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DJ Stin & Karan MC - Shehar (Out Now)

DJ Stin returns with Shehar featuring the late Karan MC - Out 15th July on Envy Entertainment!

“Music is one of the main stimuli of memories & the emotions attached to them. Sometimes just hearing a track can take you back to a moment in time or a special place. This was one of those moments I experienced recently when I heard the vocals of Shehar again, my memories of recording them with the late Karan MC came rushing back.”

“Lyrically, it hit me & made me realise that what he recorded back then was something so special, something that everyone can relate to.”

“Shehar represents that feeling in all of us which helps us relive & celebrate our own memories of the people we miss. This is also the reason why I have decided not to do a video to the track at the moment. I want people to close their eyes, listen to what Karan is singing & let them go back to that special place in their minds. After all, your own imagination can create the best visual of what matters to you the most.”

“I hope that I have been able to pay my respects to Karan’s memory through my part in Sheher.”

“Gone but never forgotten Veerey...” - DJ Stin

Shehar will be releasing on Envy Entertainment and available via all major digital stores from 15/07/13.

Listen to the String Theory Remix