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S Klass Ft. K-Singh – Dancing Queen (Out Now)

Presenting the new single Dancing Queen, S Klass yet again teams up with another UK Born and bred musician, K-Singh. The lyrics have been written by Kuldeep Badduvaaliya. Listen to Promo here!


Dancing Queen has been anticipated to be one for the dancefloor’s for summer 2013.


Sandeep Singh Soomal more commonly known by his stage name of S KLASS is born and bred in the small town of Scunthorpe. His passion for music started at a very young age in the spiritual surroundings of his local Gurdwara where he learnt to play the tabla. He then went on to learn the Dhol and accompany local music producer and DJ, Suki Kaila as part of the DV8 Roadshow.

S Klass made his vocal debut on the album Lushious which was produced by Suki Kaila; the track featured the world famous Cheshire Cat and was the title track on the album. He then went on to work with Pal D on the album Diamond In The Rough. S Klass’ debut single under his own right came in 2009 when he released Dil Di, this was released as a free download and was one of the highest downloaded singles of the year. The video for this track was made by the renowned Guvy Heer.

After the success of Dil Di, S Klass went on to work with Gupsy Aujla on Jatt Diyan Reesan, Jeeti Productions on Nachleh and also Bally Gill on Jee Kardha. S Klass feels fortunate to have worked with some great musicians and lyricists, he went on to say “ I would personally like to thank Jaswant Para (Dil Di), Amarjit Musapuria (Oh Kurri) , Ajmer Toor (Jatt Diyan Reesan) and last but not least Davinder Sangha, also known as ‘Kale Sanghe Vaala’ for their ongoing support and guidance. It’s a team effort when it comes to making a song and a lot of it has to do with the lyrics”.

S Klass is currently working on other material where he we be taking it back to the likes of Dil Di to present more romantic singles. He has singles planned with the young and talented Dav Juss and Jeeti Productions.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from day one and made my dream into a reality, this industry is not easy and there is a lot of competition but it’s a great feeling to be able to do something you love and for people to appreciate your efforts. Thank you and god bless. S Klass”.

Dancing Queen (feat. K-Singh) - Single - S Klass