Tru Skool - Kharrak (Out Now)

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2006 saw the release of the eagerly anticipated album - 'Repazent' by Specialist &Tru-Skool, which made waves across the Bhangra scene with a plethora of iconic tracks, such as; Daaru Pee Ke, NachKe, Bhangre'Ch and Kaali Gani, contrasting with the hard, gutter, underground hip-hop side to the album, with tracks like; PaunBoliyan, PunjabianDhaDhol and Saukhi Ni Kammai…
VIP Records are proud to announce that a hidden gem from the original cut of 'Repazent' will now be uncovered, thanks to Tru-Skool.

'Repazent' initially consisted of 11 tracks, all of which were taken to be mastered. At the last second, before the final mastered copy of 'Repazent' was burnt off, Tru-Skool and The Specialist decided to take off one track and keep 'Repazent' as a 10 track album…

This extra track was 'KHARRAK' - produced by TRU-SKOOL.

'Kharrak' was later included on a VIP Records mix-tape, but most people were not actually aware of this track's existence. After frequent messages from the public over the course of several years, Tru-Skool and VIP Records have decided to RE-RELEASE this extract from the original cut of 'Repazent'.

Although 'Kharrak' is to be released as a single, Tru-Skool wants this release to be kept low-key - it is not the usual kind of single that is released nowadays, which are generally aimed for the dancefloors. It is simply one for the listeners and to add another item to the extensive Tru-Skool catalogue. 'Kharrak' was made to be an album track, to give an even deeper hip-hop flavour to the album 'Repazent'. And without a doubt, it is definitely one for the hip-hop and desi heads.

"I remember making this track in December 2005 - the cold, dark winter nights - it all played a massive part in the vibe and mood of this song. Having already made tracks with a strong hip-hop edge on Word Is Born and a handful of tracks on Repazent which were ready to be released, I decided to delve even deeper into the hip-hop element on this particular one. It was quite tiresome and stressful to make this track - this being my third version of the song. I even remember my close friend, Tee-L, missing his 21st birthday celebration watching me make this track! For me the end result was worth it, and even Tee-L was glad to have been there in the end! I'm glad it was taken off Repazent - at least now, part of the album gets to be relived today, in 2013."

Taking it back to 2006 - for all the supporters of 'Repazent' and that particular sound, VIP Records are proud to present... 'KHARRAK' … by TRU-SKOOL - the song which you never got to hear.

Tru Skool - Kharrak [Promo] by SimplyBhangra Music