Harry Singh feat. K-Singh - Study (Out Now)

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Sugar kisses Introduces New Punjabi Vocalist HARY SINGH with his DEBUT SINGLE "STUDY". This June we will see HARRY SINGH enter the world of BHANGRA with his distinct and unique vocals. This breath of "Fresh air" to the UK Bhangra Scene has been well overdue as HARRY SINGH has always had an immense passion for singing since an early age.


Being BORN & BRED in the "Land of the Five Rivers" he has an added advantage as his ability in his mother tongue of Punjabi is more FOLK due to correct pronunciation.

This Debut single titled "STUDY" tells the perceived story of most International South Asians who come to the UK on grounds for further education. The comical and rather stereotypical lyrical content has been put together by Harry himself. He is an aspiring lyricist with the added ability to sing professionally too, we hope this single will set the standard for his future projects.

The well suited Music has been provided by UK BORN Music Producer K-SINGH. The music production is signature to K-Singh as the incorporation of the Tabla and Harmonium are his force. Having done justice to the strong vocals of Harry Singh "Study" will surely interest Folk Bhangra lovers WORLDWIDE!


0 #1 reshamz 2013-06-28 10:48
Hmmm quote 'correct pronunciation' very '[censored]du' and one that will not work well in the UK, the music just keeps going on and on seems more instrumental then a song. K-SIngh is getting better slowly for sure.

Song 5/10, video 2/10

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