Nev Singh - Party (Out Now)

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'Nev Singh' the new producer on the block who is set to blow the dance floors this summer with ‘Party’.


At just 21 years old, this young DJ turned producer has quickly made his mark in the music industry Dj’ing with some of the biggest names like Sukhshinder Shinda, Benny Dhaliwal and Raju Dinehwala.

Nev Singh born and raised in Coventry and studying construction management at university began his musical journey 5 years ago. Since then this young talent has Dj’d at some of the most prestigious music festivals and events across the world from Barcelona Catwalk Night Club, Pool Party Kavos and Oslo summer party. His knowledge of music from different countries and artists pushed him to step foot in the studio to make music for party goers.

“I have seen what the crowds want to dance, I want to make that music for them, it’s t aken me 1 year to produce this track and make it for everyone who loves music not just Bhangra fans. Music is universal everyone should be able to enjoy the music even if they don’t know the lyrics” says Nev Singh (DJ/Music Producer)

Party is a song that will work at any party in any country, with electro beats fused with a traditional Boliyan sung by Hema Sharma the song leaves you know choice but to dance. It fuses electro house beat with Punjabi vocals which sets it apart from the music being released in today’s market.

Nev’s musical influences range from Aman Hayer, Lmfao, Honey Singh and Calvin Harris which sums up his forceful debut to the music industry with a classic vocal and new beats bringing a whole fresh sound to music lovers. Watch out for this new producer with his debut single ready to release he has already began work on his second single with a well-known UK based singer.


Party Tune
+1 #8 RE: Nev Singh - Party (Out Now)Party Tune 2013-06-26 09:43
What a wicked track really feeling this track
well done nev dont listen to all the haters who are jealous of your success also heard you on radio 1 your doing it big
Bhangra Knight
-3 #7 RE: Nev Singh - Party (Out Now)Bhangra Knight 2013-06-20 00:19
What the holy heck is this???? Pure besti through and through.

Seriously, what possesses people to churn out this crap?

The video is shameful, the production is lame and even the Press write up is a like some 10 year old wrote it.

Cringeworthy from start to finish. Full of bogus claims, Benny D and Raju D are NOT some of the biggest names in the industry and you're not making a 'forceful debut' this is just rubbish.

Seriously Nev Singh, think long and hard before releasing another 'track'
+1 #6 OMG 2013-06-20 00:19
what is she doing wrong?
+1 #5 Realist, 2013-06-19 23:40
One of the problems im having right now is that people assosiated/ calling themselves sevadars of Dharam Seva Records are showingg support for this track because both are intertwined due to the assosiation with Sukshinder Shinda...

you cant be doing a sikhi project and at the same time supporting anti-panthic stuff like this...sort it out Dharam Seva...get your priorities in order; either be 100% for the panth or dont be at all, theres plenty of other fully decent projects the community can get behind!
+1 #4 Realist, 2013-06-19 23:32
Quoting OMG:
The girl is *** cute :P

I wonder how her dad feels watching her doing that...seriousl y she should have some shame, and so should the video directors as well as Nev Singh/ Benny Dhaliwal...I dont know why i expected better!

Im aware that some people will say its not as bad as dancing around in a skimpy dress but making a piece of clothing that is so culturally relevant and has meant that punjabi women are seen as being elegant and beautiful by the western community into some '[censored] fetish' for guys to perv over makes me feel both angry and sad...this isnt the first time, and its sure not the last, but if people speak out i hope other artits wont do the same.

Raju Dinehwala is part of the same camp, and he gets a lot of hate but atleast his videos are family friendly and he has some shame about showing your fellow sikh women in a positive light...this is just shameful
-2 #3 OMG 2013-06-19 22:13
The girl is [censored]ing cute :P
+1 #2 Realist, 2013-06-19 22:06
No offence but congratulations on 'slagging up' a girl in a suit...this is deffo going to be an awkward video to watch with my parents in the room!
Pop  Star
+1 #1 Pop Star 2013-06-19 21:23
Slapped a vocal on an instrumental. Hahaha

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