Sukhi Dosanjh - Ghagre Dee (Out Now)

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Ghagre Dee is the debut single from Glaswegian singer/songwriter Sukhi Dosanjh, watch full video here!


Sukhi has been writing poetry and songs for a number of years, performing at events arranged by local Punjabi poetry circles. His writing has been praised highly by his contemporaries, who encouraged him to record his work. Recordings with internationally renowned Glaswegian Punjabi brothers Tigerstyle, Sukhi has been working on his album project set for release late 2013. Ghagre Dee is a beautiful party song sure to become part of every Punjabi DJs dancefloor playlist.

Ghagre Dee single & video release on Soldier Sound Recordings on 20th June 2013.

Title: Ghagre Dee (Single)
Artist: Sukhi Dosanjh
Label: Soldier Sound Recordings
Cat No: SSR010DS1
Writers: S. Dosanjh, A. Burmy & K. Burmy
Release Date: 20.06.2013

Ghagre Dee (feat. Tigerstyle) - Single - Sukhi Dosanjh


+2 #1 chinajatt 2013-06-13 20:56
tigerstyle seem to work with anyone who is either from scotland or who gives them loads of money lol

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