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DJ Dav Ft. Gary Dhaliwal - Pehli Boli (Out Now)

Final Kut Entertainment promised that they would return in 2013 time after time. Since releasing ‘THOKHA ft Surinder Shinda Dav has been working in his studio by producing something different and by thinking out of the box for the new single Pehli Boli.


DJ Dav is back with a UK singer named Gary Dhaliwal who not only is known for singing but also is in his own way talented in making lyrics fit and suitable for various music. The new single named “PEHLI BOLI”, music by Dj Dav has used his own unique style that he himself had promoted back in the early days when Indian Dj’s where rarely dj’ing in clubs.

Dav hopes to get back some of them lost roots that are missing today by getting into bigger and better beats as non Indian audience love to hear these kind of cross over tracks as proven with other world music from South Asia which has topped the charts.

Dj Dav - “I will always challenge myself, to try different styles by bringing back some missing musical club beats that can be crossed over with singers like Gary Dhaliwal who understands what I am trying to achieve. I would like to thank my family and friends who have supported me right from the start and have encouraged me and given me their blessings that itself means a lot to me personally”.

The Single “PEHLI BOLI” will be released on 23rd May 2013. The single will be available on iTunes and all other major digital outlets.