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KS Makhan - Bhindranwala Sher (Out Now)

Punjabi singer KS Makhan reborn as Kuldeep Singh Khalsa Releases his first Album in UK Via Dharam Seva Records

Earlier this year the world renowned Punjabi singer KS Makhan was reborn as Kuldeep Singh Khalsa son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Punjabi singer who recently made his acting debut in the film Pinky Moge Wali and Sajjan had been a household name in Punjab for Decades. KS Makhan's life has not been short of controversy and the last few years have seen real turmoil for the singer however with the Guru’s blessing Last month KS Makhan announced that he would not cut his hair again and on Vaisakhi this year after receiving the blessings of Khande Dee Pahul Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji he was reborn as Kuldeep Singh Khalsa.

For many people, at some point in their lives they realize an inner calling for spiritual development. They are at that stage of their lives where a change in lifestyle is a necessity and that is when the inner calling for personal and spiritual growth comes. The Khande Dee Pahul is a way to seal one's inner commitment. Amrit is sometimes referred to as a state of consciousness where a person knows that the physical body and the mind are temporary - and that the eternal, undying spirit within each one of us is who we truly are.

KS Makhan has experienced the re-creation of the ceremony that first took place in 1699 on the hills of Anandpur Sahib and has given himself to the Guru in a complete and absolute way. As the Panj Piaray channeled the Guru's Light for the ceremony they stirred the water and sugar puffs in an iron bowl, each one reciting one of the five Banis. The power of the sacred vibrations and the frequency of the Shabad infused the water and transformed it into Amrit (Nectar). When this process was completed, KS Makhan stepped forward and participated in a powerful ceremony of transformation and the inner experience of Khalsa began. He committed to surrender everything – body, mind, property and life – for a life of Selfless Service (Seva), Meditation (Naam Jap) and Contemplation (Vichar). He committed to becoming a protector and custodian of the Universal Truths held within the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. He embodied the discipline and spiritual way of life of the Khalsa.

To celebrate KS Makhan’s transformation to Kuldeep Singh Khalsa, Dharam Seva Records are proud to present his New Dharmik Album for Exclusive UK Release titled - Bhindrawala Sher.

Seven powerful musical creations which address issues close to the singer’s heart. The From a humble plea to the Sikhs to unite in “Khalsa” to “Guru Ji Da Sikh” in which KS Makhan asks for Guru Ji to forgive him and spells out his desire to become a Sikh of the Guru the lyrics are thought provoking and at the same time inspiring.

Dharam Seva Records are delighted to be launching this album after the success of Sukshinder Shinda’s Choj Khalse De and congratulate Kuldeep Singh Khalsa on becoming a Khalsa brother.

All proceeds are non-profit and will be used to start new Dharmik projects.


Bhindranwala Sher - K.S. Makhan