Sarika ft. Jeeti - Punjabi Suit (Out Now)

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Sarika Gill was born into a very musical family; everyone loved music, including her grandmother and her father. At a very young age Sarika was exposed to a variety of music thanks to her father. “My dad is a huge fan of music and has always listened to a wide range of music.” Sarika soon developed a passion for singing and dancing and was able to sing in English, Punjabi and Hindi at the tender age of five. “Whilst other kids were playing with their toys or watching cartoons I would be singing songs in front of the mirror all day or putting on a show for my family.”

Sarika looks up to a variety of singers from all genres, but in particular Surinder Kaur. “I love Surinder Kaur and her music. She was the first Punjabi artist I had listened to and she is probably the main reason why I started singing in Punjabi. Her lyrics and her music taught me so much about Punjabi culture.”

Sarika’s passion for singing grew stronger with each passing day and at the age of just 13 she wrote her first song shortly after losing two close family members and used it as a way to express herself. Sarika then discovered a new love, song writing. After continuing song writing, at the age of 15 she went in to a recording studio for the first time to record a song she wrote and composed herself.

At school Sarika studied music and performing arts and is trained in many areas of dance including Ballet, Bhangra, Contemporary, Giddha, Hip Hop and Jazz. Sarika has taken part and competed in a wide range of competitions and shows across the UK, including taking part and reaching the final of ‘Brit Asia Superstar 2009’.

She then had the opportunity to meet Nirmal Sidhu and was accepted in his vocal training academy. With his and Nav Sidhu’s support, they decided Sarika was ready to launch her career with her debut release in May 2012 with a single titled ‘Morni’. Since releasing ‘Morni’, Sarika has been focusing more on her vocal training and is currently being trained in Indian Classical Music.

Exactly a year on, Sarika is ready to bring you her latest offering ‘Punjabi Suit’, sang and composed by herself. It has been produced by the talented Jeeti and has been written by the lyrical master, Tari Banwali Puria.

‘Punjabi Suit’ is available from all good leading digital stores.


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nice track
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Great track!

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