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Junior Maan feat GV - Ankh (Out Now)

1Luv Music is proud to announce the brand new single by Junior Maan, titled “Ankh” featuring production by GV. ‘Ankh’ is out on iTunes 2nd May 2013.

The Birmingham based artist began his life in the music industry as a lyricist. With numerous songs under his belt, this Punjabi poet has been supplying the words for some huge hits including DJ Sanj (Chugliyan) and Miss Pooja (Lak De Hullare) amongst others.

Although he has been singing since the age of 16, it wasn’t until very recently that he bowed under the pressure of family and friends and grabbed the microphone to record professionally. Employing the musical talents of bhangra star producer GV this led to the single ‘Ankh’.

Gv states: “It’s always fun working with new artists and seeing them progress. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with artists such as Jaz Dhami and Garry Sandhu when they first started. I hope Junior can go on to having similar success.”

The video for ‘Ankh’ will be airing on TV & Online on 2nd May, with the song being supported by artwork by Shakini Pro.

‘Ankh’ is released on the 1LuvMusic Label and will be available via iTunes from 2nd May 2013.


Twitter: @TheJuniorMaan

Ankh (feat. GV) - Single - Junior Maan