Anita Lerche - Sadke Punjab Ton (Out Now)

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'Sadke Punjab Ton' is a whiff of fresh sounds, a celebration of the rich vibrant culture of Punjab and this stunning video revive fond memories of the golden years of the state. Singer, actor, songwriter and voice artist Anita Lerche has made a long voyage from Herlev, a town near Copenhagen, Denmark to the land of Punjab to become the ambassador and custodian of Punjabi heritage.

After the roaring success of her debut album 'Heer from Denmark', she is back to woo more fans and wow her audiences with 'Sadke Punjab Ton.' As the video reveals, it is the story of a girl whose soul was always Punjabi and her destiny had to bring her here. Anita sings and transforms gradually during the video into a Punjabi lass who is willing to give it all for the love of Punjab and the fragrance of this soil.

This song was written by Dr. Tejinder Harjit, who got so inspired by Anita's passion for Punjab and Punjabi culture.


Ranjit Singh,
0 #4 Ranjit Singh, 2013-07-09 22:09
Here is the other video:

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1 like per 1400 views?

Sorry I have nothing personal against Anita, she is someone one is very talented, can sing much better then many but this kind of thing spoils it all.
+3 #3 Gsstar 2013-04-27 20:33
+6 #2 Weeman 2013-04-27 15:18
Her punjabi is better than 98% of all UK-based singers lol.

Music ok, weak song and a funny video.
+8 #1 soniaxx 2013-04-27 14:07
For all these 'wannabes' pay attention even this gori puts you to shame #PBN

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