KS Makhan - Khalse Kalgidhar De (Out Now)

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'Khalse Kalgidhar De' is the brand new album by KS Makhan - who has announced he will be taking Amrit this Vaisakhi 2013.

KS Makhan has over the years developed into one of the most iconic figures in Punjabi music, delivering a long list of popular songs and only recently appearing in movies such as 'Pinky Moge Wali' & 'Sajjan'.

It was more recently announced that KS Makhan would once again be collaborating with Aman Hayer and Punjabi hiphop star Bohemia on a new single, however it is unclear whether this project is now scheduled to go ahead.

This week, KS Makhan announced that he would be embracing Amrit at Anandpur Sahib this Vaisakhi and will be further known as Kuldeep Singh Khalsa.

'Khalse Kalgidhar De' - is out now to buy via iTunes now

Khalse Kalgidhar De - K.S. Makhan


+3 #3 Realist. 2013-04-11 20:32
Trying to clean up his image after the drugs revelation...go od for him though, maybe he reassesed his lifestyle and decided he needed a change...hopefu lly its not all about the image and releasing a few dharmic songs and he puts into practice the teachings (something everyone should strive to do regardless of whether amritari or not)
+7 #2 Ranbir_Singh 2013-04-11 20:25
Kind of ironic since his most recent released material isn't exactly his most family-appropri ate material. Anyways, if he's actually serious about taking amrit and becoming a sardar, then best of luck to him.
Raji Gill
+4 #1 Raji Gill 2013-04-11 18:41
Good for him.

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