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Surinder Shinda ft. DDC & Dj Dav - Thoka (Out Now)

Final Kut Entertainment promised that they would return in 2013 it was a promise that they intended to keep. Since DJ Dav himself released the popular Miss Pooja duet, single “Hick Naal” he has been very busy touring and working in India with not a minute to spare in and out studio’s gathering new material.


DJ Dav is now back with the new single “Thokha” Ft Legendary Surinder Shinda and for the first time is collaborating with Desi Dark Child who has made his mark being a dedicated music producer.

Dav wanted to be truthful and open about his roll in the production side’s for the single “Thokha” as most Dj’s nowadays in the Bhangra industry claim they have fully produced tracks when clearly they have not done so. Dav took the driving seat in co-producing the single and then put his ideas on the table and let DDC re-work and produce them ideas in reality.

Dav hopes to step in and draw attention from the more traditional music lovers by keeping the strong vocal from Surinder Shinda upfront. This track will not be one to let you down on the dance floors or even as a listening track. This song is not for the fainthearted and Dav being passionate about music is trying to showcase for to all genres’ of music by dabbling in. Unlike some, Dav believes in asking for help when required to making sure it’s the music that’s reaching everyone.

Dj Dav quotes, “I wanted to challenge myself, to ensure that I brought back a sound which could not be traced to my previous releases, to emphasise my diversity as the co-producer. I like to thank Desi Dark Child and his team who took time out for this single “Thokha”.

The Single “Thokha” is set for release on the 25th April followed by the DJ “Instrumental Thokha” mix that is set for release on 2nd May 2013 as both will be available on iTunes and all other major digital outlets.